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November 2023 Report

A Medical Mission’s Journey in Haiti

In the Tiburon Peninsula of Haiti is the city of Les Cayes, a place brimming with resilience amidst adversity, a team organized by AMI Haiti embarked on a week-long medical mission, aiming to bring hope and healing to those in desperate need. Comprising two surgeons, one internist, and a nurse anesthetist, we stepped into an environment that was both challenging and rewarding, ultimately transforming lives, and forging lasting connections. This article recounts our experiences, the challenges we faced, the victories we celebrated, and the indelible mark this mission has left on our hearts.

The Unanticipated Onset: Upon our arrival, we were implored to visit a remote city called Lasile to provide medical care to a newly renovated clinic. We met with a sight that was both heartwarming and overwhelming: a sea of people, patiently waiting for medical attention, with no prior announcement of our visit. This immediate influx of patients underscored the dire need for medical services in the region and propelled us into action with a renewed sense of urgency. Immediately after completing our regular clinic at the Immaculate Conception Hospital in Les Cayes we traveled to Lasile and crossed over to help over four dozens of patients with the tenacity of our internist Dr. Marie Jose Dorval Dorceley whose tenacity pushed through to leave no patients behind. Unfortunately, fearing the weather and the two rivers we had to cross on the way back we had to turned away many more because time was not on our side.

The Contrast in Medical Facilities: On Monday morning we prepared for the scheduled surgical interventions in the government’s public hospital. The conditions of the local medical facilities were a stark contrast to what we are accustomed to in more developed nations. The operating and recovery rooms deemed primitive by Dr. Umair Haider, our surgical medical resident, highlighted the scarcity of resources but also showcased the resilience and ingenuity of the local medical staff. They worked tirelessly alongside us, demonstrating commendable efficiency and dedication, ensuring that every patient received the best care possible under the circumstances. The first three cases were primer for what was to come. These interventions were done with materials donated to the attending surgeon Dr. Delcass Joseph a charming individual who quickly won the hearts of the local medical staff.

The Rural Outreach: A highlight of our mission was the opportunity to extend our services to a rural area, 80 kilometers from the central hospital. There, we conducted consultations for 47 individuals, two of whom were considered candidates for surgery. This outreach was a serendipitous encounter, bringing medical attention to those who would have otherwise been unreachable. The gratitude expressed by the community was palpable, with many voicing their belief that our presence was nothing short of a miracle, tailored specifically for them. We also provided much needed material support to this clinic.

The Pharmaceutical Contribution: In addition to our surgical and consultative efforts, we were able to deliver $6,000.00 worth of pharmaceutical products and medications, to be distributed on a sliding scale to accommodate the financial constraints of the community. This contribution played a crucial role in providing immediate relief and ongoing support to those in need.

The Heart of the Mission: Community and Cooperation: At the heart of our mission was the community we served and the partnerships we forged. Dr. Esthere Dorilma, the Medical Director at the central hospital in Les Cayes. She commented on the extraordinary level of cooperation and dedication displayed by both the local staff and our team. The successful integration of our efforts led to a medical mission that was deemed an absolute success, with promises of future collaborative endeavors. Dr. Dorilma stated: “This medical mission accomplished something I have been dreaming of for in my staff which is an esprit de corps and a collaborative spirit.”

AMI Haiti’s Pivotal Role: AMI Haiti, the organization behind this mission, first recognized the pressing need for medical assistance in Les Cayes during a psycho-social mission in 2021. Their foresight and commitment to serving the Haitian community laid the groundwork for our journey, proving that collective efforts can lead to transformative change. In the quest to restore people to wholeness AMI Haiti remains committed to any assistance available to support the people of Haiti.

A Call to Action: In the span of one week, we completed 30 surgeries, consulted with approximately 200 individuals, and donated over $50,000 in medical supplies to the local hospitals and clinics. Yet, the impact of our mission extends far beyond these numbers. It lies in the lives touched, the pain alleviated, and the hope restored.

We believe that change comes one person at a time, and our mission has been a testament to this philosophy. As we continue to rebuild and uplift the lives of the Haitian people, we extend a heartfelt invitation for you to join us in this journey of healing and transformation. We are planning two more medical missions to Haiti in 2024. Your support can make a world of difference. Visit our website to learn how you can contribute to this vital work, as we collectively strive to alleviate suffering and bring about lasting change in Haiti.

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AVMinistries International Inc. est une organisation [501(C)3] qui s'engage à fournir un soutien spirituel, économique et psychosocial au peuple d'Haïti, ainsi qu'à ceux qui vivent dans la diaspora haïtienne.

October 2023 Issue

Ami Haiti News

The Legacy of

Cathrine Flon

October 2023 Report

A Day of Prayer and Unity: Drawing Inspiration from Haiti's Past & Present

A Global Gathering of Hearts: On September 23, 2023, a day of profound significance unfolded as AMI Haiti, in partnership with the Beraca Seventh-day Adventist Church, hosted a "Day of Prayer" that brought our community together in faith, hope, and unity. This day will be remembered as a powerful testament to the strength of our collective spirit.

Youth-Led Worship: The event began with a vibrant and spiritually uplifting praise and worship session led by the dynamic youth of Beraca. Their enthusiastic voices and heartfelt melodies enveloped the congregation, creating an atmosphere of worship that touched every heart in attendance.

Five Seasons of Prayer: Throughout the day, we were blessed with five sacred seasons of prayer, guided by Haitians representing various organizations. The heartfelt prayers, especially those from the youth of Haiti, resonated deeply and reminded us of the resilience and unwavering faith of the younger generation. These moments of communion allowed us to draw closer to God and to each other.

Keynote Address by Dr. Agniel Samson: A highlight of the day was the keynote address delivered by the esteemed Dr. Agniel Samson of Oakwood University. His sermon, titled "KOTE CATHERINE FLON," captivated our hearts and minds, leaving an indelible mark on our souls.

"Remove the Elements of Discord - A Lesson from Dessalines": Dr. Samson's sermon delved into a pivotal moment in Haitian history, a lesson we must carry forward. He recounted how, during the congress in Archaie, Dessalines, driven by a deep patriotic zeal, took a courageous step. He asked two soldiers to hold the French flag, which in the eyes of our ancestors represented the blacks, whites, and mulattos—the different strata of our society. In one powerful move, Dessalines removed the element of discord by cutting out the white from the French flag, uniting the blue and the red. This act symbolized the imperative to remove divisive elements causing division in our midst—a challenge we continue to face today.

The Legacy of TCatherine Flon's: Dr. Samson also shed light on the pivotal role of Catherine Flon in shaping our nation's destiny. Catherine Flon, the goddaughter of Jean Jacques Dessalines, came from a prosperous Haitian family involved in textiles imports from France. She was a highly skilled seamstress, and it was she who stitched together the first Haitian flag. Her contribution extended beyond sewing; she financially supported the indigenous army with her own resources. She embodied the spirit of patriotism, adding her unique talents and dedication to the cause. As Dr. Samson emphasized, working for one's country need not come with a prestigious title or position. Each act of service, no matter how humble, contributes to the nation's welfare.

Our Collective Responsibility: Dr. Samson reminded us that every time we thread a needle or teach patriotic lessons to our children, we are actively working for our country. The future of Haiti rests in our children, and each effort we invest in them is a step toward a brighter future. As we reflect on this extraordinary "Day of Prayer and Unity," let us carry the lessons of unity, purpose, and devotion into our lives. Let our prayers continue to uplift Haiti during these challenging times.

Hope Amidst Challenges: The current situation in Haiti reveals the challenges our nation faces. Gang violence is escalating, and political tensions persist. However, amidst these trials, there are beacons of hope that shine brightly.

Dedicated Haitian, are leading an initiative to build a canal in northeast Haiti, showcasing the power of unity and determination. Their efforts have garnered significant support, both locally and internationally, proving that when Haitians come together, they can overcome even the most daunting challenges. This endeavor is more than a canal; it symbolizes an agricultural revolution and the spirit of resilience that defines our people.

Unity Makes Strength: As our motto, "L'Union fait la force," reminds us, unity makes us stronger. The canal project reflects the resilience and unity of Haitians who come together to support one another. Bertrhude Albert's commitment to the cause exemplifies the spirit of solidarity that is alive and well within our community.

A Fight for Progress: While the canal project has sparked a diplomatic dispute with the Dominican Republic, it is essential to remember that this initiative represents not only the construction of physical infrastructure but also the rebuilding of our nation's spirit and future. It signifies that we, as Haitians, are capable of facing adversity head-on and building a brighter tomorrow.

Continuing to Pray and Act: In the face of ongoing challenges, let us continue to pray for Haiti and take action wherever possible. Just as Catherine Flon sewed the flag with dedication and purpose, let our collective efforts work toward a stronger, more united Haiti.


A Heartfelt Thank You

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the following individuals and groups who made this "Day of Prayer and Unity" possible

-The Beraca Seventh-day Adventist Church

-Pastor Dr. Irvin Jean-Philippe

Pastor of Berace SDA

-Dr. Caporal Pierre of the Union of Seventh-day Adventist in Haiti and his associates Richener Fleury-August (Communication)

Pastor Maxo Lezin (Personal Ministry)

-Pastor Gary D'Haiti Executive Director

of MEODH and his associates

-The Hope Media Haiti and the Radio La Voix de L'Espérance Pastor Jeremy and Evens Exhantus

-Mr. Valery Numa of the Radio Vision 2000

-Pastor Daniel Simon du Sud d'Haiti

-Evens Hyppolite and Stephan and the

Communications Department of Beraca

-The Praise Team of Beraca

-Our Streaming Partners

-My Brother and trusted Counselor Elder Walix Valcin

and Dr. Bordes Henry Saturne

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AVMinistries International Inc. est une organisation [501(C)3] qui s'engage à fournir un soutien spirituel, économique et psychosocial au peuple d'Haïti, ainsi qu'à ceux qui vivent dans la diaspora haïtienne.